Off season

A season for relaxing a bit.







Why we do farmers markets

It’s that time of the year again…we’re dusting off the EZ ups, digging out the cash box, making new signs, cleaning out the vans, and  making sure that everything is in place for that first market of the season. Our 18th season to be exact.

Sometimes we ask ourselves why we choose to sell our products this way. It is, after all, a whole lot of work. Weather doesn’t always cooperate (think radish icicles and red noses!), Saturday mornings come WAY to early and big old clunky vans tend to break down.

Each year, usually during the brutal days of August, we wonder if there might be an easier way to do this but we always come up with the same answer. How could we NOT get to see all our wonderful customers again? Our customers who have become like family over the years.

So yes, even though we may look a bit bedraggled, we’ll be there, bright and early Saturday morning, anxiously waiting to reconnect with some of our favorite people!

Hope to see you there!!