Cherry Tomato Soup

When life gives you an overabundance of cherry tomatoes…make tomato soup!

I’ve never made soup with cherry tomatoes  but since I found myself with a mass quantity of them this week I thought I’d give it a try. First, I put them in the oven with a large chopped onion and then drizzled olive oil over all. Garlic would be great in the mix also. I did discover that these little babies turn into little exploding grenades after they’ve been roasted for a while! Use caution when stirring.

I roasted them until lightly browned, like this. Aren’t they beautiful!

After removing from the oven let them cool slightly. Depending on how thick you want your soup you can drain off some of the liquid at this point. If you drain it all you’ll have something more like sauce. Add some butter if you’d like (I used 4 T for 5 cups soup)  and salt to taste. I also put a generous drizzle of honey in mine. This is where you need a really good blender. With all those little peels in there you’ve got to have a blender that will blend them up thoroughly. I have a Bosch and it worked perfectly.

After a few minutes of blending this is what it looked like. Give it a taste and see if you need to add additional salt or honey. Basil blended in now would be great also.

The finished product!

And now, if you walk around the house bragging about how wonderful this tastes, you will find yourself with nothing left to put in the freezer! Oh well, I’ve got several more flats of cherry tomatoes to go!





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