Our market morning.

As another market day draws to a close I thought it might be fun for you to see what our market morning looks like.

This was the view we enjoyed as we rolled out at 5:45 this morning. There ARE some advantages to rising before the sun.

EZ Ups protect us and our product from the elements. If we could only figure out how to air condition them!

A beautiful load for the day.

The second van is unloaded. I’m so thankful for strong teenage backs.

Team work gets the umbrella up for an extra bit of shade.

This rusty old beast of a van holds an amazing amount of flowers!

Some of the edible goodies ready to go on the table.

The tools of the trade, ready to go.

Part of our display ready for bouquet making.

Our sign is in place to let everyone know just who we are.

Our flower stand filling up…ready for in-a-hurry customers to grab a quick bouquet.

I loved this color combination today! I think I made about twenty of them…hot colors for hot weather!

Samantha and Nancy crank out the bouquets.

These dahlias continue to amaze me!

Our display of lotion bars and lip balm made with bees wax from our hives.

Timothy and Norm handle the veggie display.

We think the veggies are every bit as beautiful as the flowers.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Time to welcome the customers!

Hope you enjoyed a peek at our market morning!


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