Successes and failures

One of the most often asked questions that we hear each spring from our customers is “What are you growing that’s new?” There’s not much out there that’s REALLY new but maybe new to us. Anyway, I’m always hesitant to answer because if I tell them then they get their hopes up and I hate to disappoint them if my “new” attempt becomes a failure.

So, here is one of our attempts for this year and I think we can now safely say it was a success.

I’ve just never had much luck growing snapdragons in our harsh Nebraska weather but thought I would give them another try this year.

This Opus series is stunning!

Even the ones outside, without any netting, are amazingly tall and beautiful.

The Chantillys are so delicate and come in an array of lovely colors.

Although not new to us, these magic fountain Delphiniums have been great this year also.

Don’t be looking for pictures of our failures anytime soon. We try to keep those a secret!



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