Bee update

It’s been  two weeks since we installed our two new batches of bees so I thought I’d go out and check up on them this afternoon.

Wow, have they been busy! I checked the first hive and saw that there was capped brood so I didn’t mess with it too much but went on to the second hive. The queen in the second hive has really been going to town.

Here is what it looked like when I first opened it.

And this is a shot of some of the capped brood. Sorry for the blurry picture but it’s a little difficult to hold the frame in one hand and take a picture all while being bombarded with a few thousand bees who aren’t very happy with me for disturbing their home. I think I’ll have to take my photographer with me next time. The capped cells in the upper right hand corner are cells they have filled with honey and capped over for their future food source.

And a close up of some capped brood and some that isn’t capped yet where you can see the larvae.

This hive, we’ll call it #2, seemed to be much more aggressive then the first one. I had smoked them twice but still ended up getting stung right through my shirt. Oh well, a small price to pay for the delicious honey they’ll soon be making for us!!


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