Welcome to Harvest Home Farm’s blog. I know, everyone has a blog now so we really hesitated to put another one out there. But for those of you who really like to see where your food and flowers originate, we are hoping that this will be an interesting and informative source for you. We’re also hoping to make it a fun site for those of you who live many miles away but would just like to get a small glimpse of life on a tiny farm in the middle of nowhere…okay, that would be Nebraska.

Spring has come quickly and we are feeling the rush as new life is popping up all around us and we are doing our best to keep up. This has always been a favorite season for us but, wow, it’s in a real hurry this year! We feel like if we blink we may miss spring altogether.

The crocus are long gone.

The tulips are blooming…a month early!

The hoop houses are filling up.

And the Tom Thumbs are looking beautiful.

Please join us as we start our 18th year of market gardening. Take a peak at our successes and mourn with us over our failures!

Happy Spring!


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